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Do you really understand smart locks? Read the production process and talk about it.

The production process of the fingerprint lock can reach hundreds of items, and the simple induction can be divided into the following eight main production links.
Product design, the beginning of inspirational conversion products
Product design includes design, functional design, circuit design, and algorithm design. Product design needs to be rigorous and feasible from the market. It needs to be considered in the design process. For example, the design should consider the realization of functions and circuit design, and the realization of functions requires the cooperation of algorithm design. Therefore, judging whether a fingerprint lock brand has innovation and strength can be seen by looking at its product update cycle.
Mould manufacturing, the starting point for high quality products
The starting point for the production of fingerprint locks is mold manufacturing. The mold is mainly a mold for mechanical parts. It is not only necessary to equip advanced equipment, high-quality mold steel, but also an experienced mold master. Experienced mold masters use advanced equipment to research and debug molds to ensure the dimensional accuracy of all molds and ensure stability.
Die casting, using advanced equipment to perform high standards
Die-casting is the production of self-made press parts for various types of locks. The main mechanical parts of the fingerprint lock housing are die-cast and cut by a die-casting machine. The lock housing often adopts a one-time die-casting process. This process increases the difficulty of die-casting and the requirements of the board, and can effectively strengthen the strength of the product, thereby ensuring the safety of the product to the greatest extent, and taking into account the overall appearance. The material is generally zinc alloy and stainless steel. The zinc alloy has good ductility and plasticity and is commonly used in the fingerprint lock industry. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and durable and is the best shell material available.
Multiple die casting machines of different power tonnage are required to meet the production needs of different components, such as a 250-ton high-power large-tonnage die-casting machine. The materials used in domestic high-grade smart lock mechanical die-casting parts mainly include superior imported zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel and a small amount of space aluminum. Good materials and die casting equipment ensure the hardness, mechanical structure and precision of the product.
Polished parts, efficient and environmentally friendly production process
After the mechanical part of the fingerprint lock is die-cast, it will be sent to the polishing part for polishing. The main part of the lock part that needs to be polished is the outer casing. The polishing process of the outer casing consists of several important processes such as surface cleaning, sanding, and polishing and anti-corrosion treatment. The effect of polishing indirectly affects the aesthetics of the finished fingerprint lock and the durability of the surface. Therefore, polishing must have a standard process and a clear process. Commonly the polishing process of the four processes, including the first coarse sand, the second fine sand, the third fine sand, and the final wind wheel white wax polishing, can not leave a little blemishes.
The polished and polished parts are smooth and smooth, so that better results can be plated. Some fingerprint lock brands outsource mechanical parts to some small hardware manufacturers. In order to save costs, small manufacturers generally save the second or third polishing process, and use hemp instead of sanding. In this way, the cost is reduced. The effect is definitely not guaranteed.
Shell plating, performing strict plating standards
Electroplating is the final step in the appearance of a fingerprint lock. The effect involves multiple processes and factors. Different electroplating companies, electroplating masters, electroplating fluid components and processes have different effects.
Electronic component production, standardized production
The production of electronic components is one of the most important aspects of the entire production process. It takes on the responsibility of the fingerprint lock to finally realize the design function. In order to ensure the accuracy of the electronic process, advanced production equipment and advanced production environment must be adopted. At the same time, the assembler is required to be careful and patient in every detail. A small mistake will result in the whole component being unusable, so The technical requirements of employees in this area are very high.
Final assembly, machinery and labor complement each other
After the electronic part and the mechanical part of the fingerprint lock are completed, the final assembly can be performed. The final assembly adopts the combination of semi-automatic production and manual auxiliary production. At the same time, combined with scientific and reasonable assembly process, the assembly positions are divided into different categories and decomposed into more than ten positions, which makes the assembly more reasonable, enhances the efficiency of the assembly process and improves the assembly quality. .
Product quality inspection, fingerprint lock quality protection
As the final link of product production, product quality inspection is very important to the quality of the product. Therefore, a good fingerprint lock brand will pay special attention to the quality inspection process and quality inspection standards. First of all, a fingerprint lock product needs to undergo tens of thousands of simulation unlocking experiments, explosion-proof anti-wear test, high temperature oven test, rain box moisture proof test, hydrochloric acid tank anti-corrosion test, pressure box anti-vibration test, etc. before the batch shipment to ensure the product performance. In mass production, quality inspectors will check the appearance, function and accessories of the assembled locks to ensure that each factory fingerprint lock can be used normally and stably.
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