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What if the smart lock is dead?

Traditional locks range from wooden locks in the Yangshao culture period to the current A/B/C locks. But linking the lock to the word "smart" is still something that was only available in the 21st century.
So what is a smart lock? Intelligent door lock refers to a lock that is different from traditional mechanical locks in terms of user identification, security, and management. It mainly covers fingerprint locks, electronic code locks, electronic sensor locks, network locks, and remote locks.
To put it bluntly, the biggest difference between a smart lock and a mechanical lock is that the former has electronic components such as a fingerprint module, a motor, a processor, and a wireless connection module, while the latter does not; therefore, the smart lock needs electricity to be driven, and the mechanical lock does not.
At present, the most power-hungry area of ​​smart door locks is communication. Because the user's mobile phone must be connected to the smart lock at all times, the door lock must always be in the state of non-stop communication, so the power consumption is naturally accelerated. Of course, motor drive, standby, input password, screen, etc. are also consuming power. Since electric drive is needed, it involves power consumption. Therefore, many users are worried: What should I do if the smart lock is dead? Will it be rejected? In theory, there is no risk of returning home without electricity. However, as long as the smart locks comply with the relevant national industry standards, it will basically not be rejected because the battery is dead. For example, in the "GA374-2001 Electronic Anti-theft Lock" standard, electronic locks must be reserved for mechanical keyholes in case of emergency. Of course, with the smart lock, 90% of the users choose not to have the key, because the key is missing, forgotten, but for the sake of prevention, it is recommended that the user reserve an emergency key in the office, in the car or in the bag. .
At present, in addition to most smart locks, there is a battery power consumption warning function, and the user can promptly replace the battery to open the lock smoothly by means of SMS and voice.
In a word: If you don't want to be rejected because the smart lock is out of power, you can't choose a smart lock that is low-priced and does not meet the relevant national standards.
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