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Electronic smart locks China's smart home products started earlier products

As an early starter of smart home products in China, electronic smart locks are prosperous in the shopping malls, but the query found that the mall specifications are still in a blank stage. The implementation of the standard will activate the further development of China's electronic smart lock store. According to the relevant person in charge of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, this not only provides the service basis for China's electronic smart lock company, but also regulates the professional shopping mall. It is also a guarantee for the safety of people's livelihood. Family security, the company pursues chic intelligence, but the goods are really safe, which will be a major damage to the people. Therefore, in terms of safety functions, the safety specification of electronic smart locks faces two major tests. The software and hardware skills need to be highly burglar-proof. The focus of the electronic smart lock specification may have two major aspects. One is the encryption and decryption skill request of commodity software, and the second. It is the quality request of the lock cylinder of the product mechanical unlocking. To make the electronic smart lock more applicable to the age, both are indispensable.
As a fingerprint anti-theft lock, the purpose is to facilitate, without having to take the key, find the key. However, if the recognition speed of the fingerprint is too slow, it may not be possible to open the door after many times of identification, which will seriously affect the implementation of the product. Guangxi lock industry fingerprint anti-theft lock identification system uses a 55 ° optical prism, North Korea's calculation method, the fingerprint dry moisture, residue, etc., broken skin fingerprint deformation and other conditions have a higher active adjustment ability. Normal use can reach 100% in 0.46 seconds, the most professional, no one can. It is the fastest and most accurate fingerprint anti-theft lock in the industry.
With more users' demand for fingerprint anti-theft locks, anti-smashing and alarm functions are becoming more and more important. In traditional locks, anti-smashing functions may be planned normally, and the alarm function is almost no. However, the fingerprint anti-theft lock is not only focused on the planning and development of the flood control, the alarm function is also attached to the same, and has made great progress in this respect. When the intelligent fingerprint anti-theft lock encounters abnormal opening and external violent damage, when the door lock slightly violates the door, it immediately announces a fierce alarm, attracting the attention of the user, like a car alarm, a safe alarm, etc. Prompt function. The advantage of the alarm function in the intelligent fingerprint anti-theft lock is the fierce whistling sound, which can attract the attention of users at home, and can be used to avoid the illegal behavior of the horse. Regarding the users who are more chaotic in the living environment, this is a useful and progressive security function. Each intelligent fingerprint anti-theft lock has this function, and many users now attach great importance to this function.
Fingerprint refers to the uneven texture on the front of the finger. Although the fingerprint is only a small part of the human skin, it contains a lot of information. These textures are different in pictures, breakpoints and intersections. They are called "features", and it has been medically proven that these features are different for each finger, and these features are unique and permanent, so that we can associate a person with his fingerprint. By comparing his fingerprint characteristics with pre-retained fingerprint features, he can verify his real identity. Therefore, the above characteristics of the fingerprint become the most important basis for identifying the identity and are widely used in the public security criminal investigation and judicial field.
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